Frauenakademie international – Seminars in other languages


Since 1986 the Women’s Academy Ulm has been giving women of different ages
and living circumstances the opportunity to study together, in order to obtain
knowledge, share interests and develop skills to take on new tasks in different fields.

Starting in spring 2016, the Women’s Academy Ulm has expanded its course
program including seminars in English and Easy German. Learning a new language is
a long, often quite challenging and time-consuming process. Until a certain fluency is
acquired, the ways of taking part in society are very limited. Therefore the Women’s
Academy would like to help women who have recently arrived in the Ulm region to
start their own integration process in a language they feel comfortable with.

Seminars held in English will enable the participants to discuss various themes
without a language barrier and hopefully provide them with a solid network. This can
be helpful while settling in, as networks are painfully non-existent in situations where
people start over in a new environment. It is not an easy task to build a new home in
a foreign country and culture. Learning the local language is without a doubt the
most essential part of a successful integration. Therefore we include some courses
in »Easy German« to facilitate a smooth integration by adjusting to a new
surrounding and culture.

Local German-speaking women are also very welcome to take part in these
seminars, in order to refresh their language skills, get a glimpse of other cultures and
make new contacts.

Wintersemester 2016/2017
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All seminars can be booked separately. You can join us any time.


Gesa Krauß
Fachbereichsleiterin Frauenakademie
Ulmer Volkshochschule
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